Birdseye Report: Community Deep Dive


Presented by Synthesio

Discover why holistic healing is the prescription of choice in the wellness industry.

Within the pages of this Birdseye Report, you will encounter some of the leading communities powering conversations on X. These thriving pockets of discourse allow fans with a common interest to collectively discuss, share, and learn from one another in a community setting.

The #Wellness Report, created by Synthesio, unlocks what’s driving current trends in the wellness community, how brands can better tap into consumer trends and sentiments, and:  

  • Why there’s growing interest in holistic approaches to wellness, with mental and emotional health as key components  

  • How demographics and geographic location dictate the frequency and context of health conversations worldwide 

  • The top mental and physical health topics trending across the US, Australia, UK, and India

  • How top wellness trends like sleep and nutrition are predicted to evolve over the next 6 months 

  • And more! 

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