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From AM to DM: X customer care in a 24/7 world

X is what’s happening and where people go to talk to brands at all hours of the day for customer care needs.  Every inquiry is an opportunity to shape customer opinions and build relationships.

This report dives into customer care best practices across industries and explores how they generate value for both brands and customers alike.

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How did we create this report?

X Official Partner Sprinklr analyzed nearly half a billion posts from 1,226 global handles to evaluate which best practices really matter for brands.

436 M

 brand mentions

13.1 M

brand Posts

8.96 M

brand replies

We created a care score to measure brand performance on X and identified the brands who scored in the top 25%. 

By examining how these top care brands compared with hundreds of other, lower-scoring brands, we identified the best practices that truly made an impact on overall care performance across industries.


Create value with every Post

Customers return to brands who continually deliver value. We put together a quick guide for which best practices deliver value.

We evaluated each best practice through the lens of Forrester's four dimensions of value.*

Economic value

economic value photographic meal

Economic value is created when brands help customers make or save money.

Best practices covered: 

  • Take ownership
  • Deliver savings

Functional value

functional value girl with suitcase

Functional value is created when brands make it easy for customers to find resolutions.

Best practices covered:

  • Respond swiftly 
  • Offer dedicated care

Experiential value

experiential value woman with mobile phone

Experiential value is created when brands create positive interactions with customers.

Best practices covered:

  • Be human
  • Build relationships

Symbolic value

symbolic value woman with postits

Symbolic value is created when brands create a sense of belonging for customers.

Best practices covered:

  • Go the extra mile
  • Incorporate feedback

Industry snapshots

Get a quick snapshot of the best practices that drive care excellence in your industry, based on the performance of top care brands.

Food & beverage
Financial services

On-demand webinar

Want more? Learn key takeaways and highlights from this report discussed by industry experts.

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Sprinklr is a X Official Partner and served as the data partner for this report. Sprinklr is the world's most complete enterprise customer experience management platform (CXM). Sprinklr helps large companies and government agencies drive business outcomes and manage experiences across all customer touchpoints. 

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*Forrester Research, Inc. [Value for Customers: The Four Dimensions That Matter, July 10, 2019]