Sprout Social Enables Evernote to Deliver Exceptional Customer Care on X

Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s Chatbots and collaboration tools help Evernote serve customers quickly on X while boosting productivity.


increase in customers helped on X per week


decrease in replies sent per conversation

The Challenge

Evernote prides itself on providing warm, compassionate customer care to its millions of users around the world. However, keeping up with high customer message volume and supporting collaboration between the company’s social and customer support teams proved difficult without the right tools. Evernote has partnered with Sprout Social since 2012 to enhance and optimize its customer care efforts.

The Strategy

A core part of Evernote’s social customer care strategy revolves around providing timely and effective service using X Direct Messages. Sprout Social and X partnered with Evernote to be one of the first brands to leverage new automated conversational workflow tools within the Direct Message experience. With Sprout Social’s Bot Builder, Evernote configured a chatbot to automatically greet customers who Direct Message their X support handle with Quick Reply options to ascertain the subject matter of inquiries. These interactions are routed through Sprout’s Smart Inbox, where the support agent is able to jump into an informed conversation that’s already in progress. Additionally, although Evernote’s social media and customer support teams are located in different offices, they can use the Sprout platform to create and send Tasks to each other containing contextual information important to customer inquiries. Sprout’s social monitoring tools also empower Evernote to proactively identify potential customer care issues by collecting all relevant X messages containing specific keywords, hashtags and locations in a single stream for organization and prioritization.

“Before Quick Replies, we were going back and forth trying to get information to solve a customer’s problem. Now I can solve the problem with one message.”

Dorothy Spira
Social Media Content Manager, Evernote

The Results

Sprout Social empowered Evernote to increase the number of customers helped on X while also streamlining collaboration between different departments and supporting proactive customer outreach. The company increased the number of customers serviced on X each week by 80% while decreasing the number of replies sent per conversation by 18%, demonstrating faster issue resolution.

Our solutions



Sprout’s Chatbots enable Evernote to quickly respond to all incoming X DMs and route them to customer support agents while saving time on gathering initial information.

Smart Inbox

Sprout’s unified social inbox helps Evernote stay alerted to all relevant X messages and seamlessly assign them to appropriate stakeholders across different offices.

Social Monitoring

Sprout’s social monitoring tools empower Evernote to proactively identify customer engagement opportunities by automatically tracking relevant keywords, hashtags, and locations used in X messages.

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