TOPP At-home trends report

The top trends in gaming, food delivery/cooking, and self-care on X for brands.

X is what’s happening and as the world changes, people take to X to voice their concerns, ideas, and beliefs – but most recently, their pastimes. As daily routines were turned upside down and outdoor activities limited, people adapted and found new ways to connect and spend time.

X Official Partners analyzed global, English-only data from January to May of 2020 to share insights on:

• 2020 at-home trends on X
• How brands are staying top of mind
• Best practices for thoughtful engagement

Analysis from X Official Partners is key for helping brands adjust media and creative plans, find appropriate ways to engage or provide customer support, and continue to communicate their brand purpose.


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Sprout Social

Self-care: An opportunity for unexpected connections
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Tapping into food delivery and cooking trends on X
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Social simulation games having a huge moment on X