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AppsFlyer is the market leader in mobile advertising attribution and marketing analytics, enabling app marketers, developers, brands, and ad agencies to measure and optimize their users’ acquisition funnel in real time.

AppsFlyer makes it fast and easy for X advertisers to scale their mobile marketing campaigns and gain enhanced customer insights in order to maximize their success and ROI. With clients across verticals such as telecom, retail, media, travel, and technology, AppsFlyer serves more than 12,000 advertisers, measures over $19 billion in annual mobile advertising spend, and tracks over 42 billion installs and 12 trillion user actions every month. AppsFlyer has 15 global offices to support marketers everywhere as the go-to resource for the most successful mobile apps in the world.

Mobile attribution

Connect app installs to specific marketing campaigns.

Marketing analytics

Rack impressions and cost reporting, and calculate the omni-channel LTV of your acquired app users and the value generated by each media source.

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