BlueKai by Oracle Data Cloud

One DMP to traverse the cross-device habits of consumers

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3rd Party Audience Providers


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The explosive growth in connected devices has created immense opportunities for marketers to engage with consumers at the moments that truly matter. To capitalize on this opportunity, marketers need to be able to manage audiences based on the device in order to reach them. Oracle BlueKai empowers marketers with tools to understand the entire customer journey, target more precisely, create and deliver more targetable media campaigns, and generate higher ROIs.

Go cross-device

Enhance audience segmentation, optimize media buys, and increase campaign effectiveness.

Oracle ID graph approach to identity

Identify and utilize the freshest, most reliable and informed linkages available, at scale, for precise targeting.  

Open digital marketing ecosystem

Activate audiences across 200 media partners and combine your data with the largest built-in third-party data store with the audience data.

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