Datalogix by Oracle Data Cloud

Tracks offline purchase and activity-based audiences

Helps with

1st Party Audience Onboarding
3rd Party Audience Providers
Offline Sales Measurements



Oracle Datalogix (DLX) data is the premier solution when looking for offline purchase- and activity-based audiences. Part of Oracle Data Cloud, Datalogix provides marketers and publishers with a rich understanding of consumers across digital and offline channels based on what they do, what they say, and what they buy. With data on more than 110 million households and $2 trillion in consumer spending, Datalogix helps X advertisers:

  • Find customers on X by onboarding first-party data
  • Measure campaign effectiveness based on offline purchases
  • Deliver purchase-based targeting to drive more sales
  • Segment audiences into groups based on likelihood to purchase
Unified consumer data

Powered by Oracle ID Graph, Datalogix helps you create cross-channel consumer understanding so that you know more about who your customers are, what they do, where they go, and what they buy.

Break through consumer data silos

Quickly identify audiences, connecting their behaviors across devices and platforms.

Get noticed in a crowded marketplace

Break through the clutter and deliver a message that resonates. Marketers and publishers can use modeling, proprietary data science, and vertical expertise to make smarter decisions.

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