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Providing data technology solutions for the digital marketing ecosystem

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3rd Party Audience Onboarding



Data management platform eXelate, a Nielsen company, is the leading provider of data technology powering the digital marketing ecosystem. Its customer data cloud provides the industry’s only unified customer profiles, which connect identities across all channels and devices — including display, video, audio, offline, mobile, and smart TVs — enabling marketers to engage individuals and households with personalized messages to drive performance at scale. Its data marketplace is the largest third-party cross-device data set in the world, with over 5 billion unique users and devices. Nielsen acquired eXelate in March of 2015.

Data management platform

Expand, optimize, segment, and activate your customer data across all marketing channels and platforms.

Data as a service (DAAS)

Find your target audience segment, or customize your own based on the characteristics that are most important to you.

In-flight analytics

Analyze real-time consumer engagement through every stage in the purchase funnel.

Media impact

Execute your media plan with the industry’s most advanced omnichannel media planning and optimization application.

Multitouch attribution

Quantify the offline and online sales impact of each of your digital channels to understand and maximize your marketing ROI.

Third-party applications

Activate audience data in real time across all digital media, as well as hundreds of integrated content marketing, creative testing, search, email, and social media platforms.

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