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Helps with
  • Customer Service
  • Social Marketing

Hootsuite is the global leader in social media management. Hootsuite powers social media for brands and organizations around the world, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. Hootsuite’s unparalleled expertise in social media management, social insights, employee advocacy, and social customer care empowers organizations to strategically grow their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social media.

Social care solution

Brands can quickly resolve customer inquiries and provide a seamless customer experience through better collaboration across teams.

Social marketing solution

Our one platform for all your social media marketing allows you to safely engage audiences on multiple networks, prove your social ROI, and share insights across teams.

Employee social advocacy solution

Extend your social reach through employee advocacy by making it easy for employees to share your company posts on their own social network and stay informed.

Hootsuite was key in terms of helping us manage the social scalability of the #GoodTimesOutside campaign. We were trying to be hyper-regional and deliver local content to different areas of the country. To manage that on social you either need an army of people or you need a tool like Hootsuite.

-Ryan McKee, Brand Engagement Director MEC

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