Synthesio’s SaaS platform and Ipsos’ global research expertise enable you to make better, faster business decisions with real-time insights you can trust.

Helps with
  • Consumer & Market Insights
  • Customer Feedback
  • Event Monitoring
  • Brand Monitoring

Our hybrid approach integrates best-in-class SaaS technology with the latest advancements in data science and analysis to enable you to make decisions with speed, agility, and confidence. A social listening pioneer and AI-enabled consumer intelligence global leader, Synthesio provides dashboards for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing consumer insights across 600+ million sources and 80+ languages, so you can:

  • Explore your market by understanding what your audience is saying and how they behave.

  • Foresee brand impact, plan better, and lower risk with insights into consumer emotions and brand associations.

  • Spot unmet needs by leveraging AI technology to process data faster and spot patterns.

Insight services teams bring the local context, cultural nuance, and global knowledge to offer a suite of strategic insight reports that address key business questions – from market exploration to product intelligence, trend detection, and more. Data science teams combine the latest research in AI with human intelligence to develop custom models and algorithms built for your business requirements to detect unmet needs and predict trends.


The broadest set of online and offline data sources across 195 countries provide a complete view of consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends – so you never miss a signal.


Topic Modeling trend analysis and expert-built predictive models look beyond what consumers are saying and doing to how they’re likely to behave in the future – so you can detect unknown signals before your competitors.

Advanced natural language understanding and AI algorithms enable you to uncover the most accurate picture of markets and buyers by identifying trends, topics, emotions, sentiment, and more. 

Use case-specific frameworks empower teams across brand, insights, and product teams to easily extract consumer insights for their specific domain.

Synthesio is a game changer! So many have shared how tremendously powerful the platform is, how it’s in a completely different galaxy than our previous tool.

Kaia Kegley, Consumer Insights Senior Manager, Global Trends, General Mills

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