Real-time AI for discovering events and breaking information

Helps with
  • Event Monitoring

Global enterprises, public sector organizations, and leading newsrooms rely on Dataminr’s AI platform to detect relevant, high-impact events in real time – so they can respond with speed and confidence.

For businesses

Dataminr Pulse provides global enterprises with the earliest indications of business-critical events related to their people, brand, and physical and virtual assets.

For newsrooms

Dataminr for News is relied upon by more than 650 newsrooms globally to gain the earliest edge in reporting key stories that matter most to their audiences.

For the public sector

Dataminr’s First Alert product for the public sector alerts first responders to breaking news, enabling the fastest real-time response.


Our team needs to know immediately about high-impact events. Dataminr’s real-time alerts help us discover, prioritize and categorize critical information. Dataminr is an essential tool for us.

Security executive in the healthcare industry

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