X Curation team breaks news faster with Dataminr

Sushil Trivedi (@SupaSush)
Lead Account Manager, X
Publication date: Mar 2nd 2021
Time to read: 5 minutes

X Moments are curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on X. They are customized to show current topics that are popular or relevant, so people can discover what is unfolding on X. Behind this important function of X, is the Curation Team. This team monitors key topics to make sure customers have context about emerging news and events that are top of mind and trending. We sat down with Leonardo Stamillio, Editorial Director, Global Curation at X, to learn how his team surfaces critical, need-to-know information.

Powerful tech to stay in the know

As a X Official Partner, Dataminr has access to publicly available posts through the X API. Their realtime information discovery platform delivers real-time alerts on emerging events and pre-viral news stories. Dataminr products  are leveraged for a variety of different use cases for teams in news, corporate security, crisis management, business intelligence, PR/Comms, and First Alert for the public sector.

The Dataminr for News product discovers breaking events and relevant news stories before they go viral l in order to help create Moments on X. According to Stamillo, “Our main objective is to contextualize the most relevant conversations on X. Breaking news is really important for us. Dataminr is great for our team because it gives us alerts on things we need to pay attention to.”

The X curators use Dataminr to:

  • Know what’s happening across the world in real time
  • Discover what’s about to trend on the social media landscape
  • Stay on top of multiple stories as they evolve so the X curation team doesn’t have to proactively hunt down key developments and updates
  • Receive aggregated posts related to a story that Dataminr delivers as a collection, speeding up the team’s ability to get Moments published and made publicly available

“Given the sheer volume of public data produced by X users everyday, it would be impossible to prioritize stories manually", said Stamillo. "Dataminr is a good way for us to set up a dashboard and focus on what we care about most and then we wait to get an alert.”

Dataminr for brands

Moments are a great way for people and brands to stay on top of it all. “Brands who are open to seeing what the platform is actually talking about, rather than trying to ‘force’ a topic or conversation, experience the richest engagement,” explains Stamillo.

Brands can stay on top of the conversion with Moments, but CMOs and PR/Comms teams are also now turning to Dataminr directly to maximize their social content strategies. Brands have long used Dataminr for detecting potential PR crises as early as possible, but they are now also relying on Dataminr directly to detect relevant pre-viral news stories. Dataminr alerts are allowing brands to craft and disseminate social content more in tune with the real-time social media landscape, maximizing engagement and relevance to their key audiences on X.  

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